Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

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Ideas for last minute gifts

This list of last minute gift ideas is proof that if you’re in this situation, you can still find a good gift! Leaving gift buying until the very last days before Christmas is not only risky but it can be so stressful! As I’m writing this, I still have two gifts to get.

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Nude by Nature Christmas 2018 Collection Gift Kits.

Ranging from $19.95 - $99.99

I love these gift sets, they’re so much more than just going out and trying to guess which makeup someone needs. I find they’re especially good gifts for someone who is just starting out with makeup or looking to start using natural products. Let’s be honest, we know we could all buy one of these kits for a friend, mother, sister-in-law and they would absolutely love it.

  • The Desire Brush set is a luxe 10 piece brush set, it has every brush you could ever dream of needing!

  • Another option for brushes is the Shine Brush Set. This kit is the essential 6 piece brush set and it has all of the basics to start out with.

  • Lastly, the Enchant Gift Kit has everything you need to create the perfect eye makeup look. A simple and easy to use eyeshadow palette, along with a mascara and eye pencil

Shop these at Priceline, in-store or online.

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Frank Body Kits

Ranges from $19.95 USD - $99.95 USD

These kits only seem to be available on the Frank Body website and only ship to the US! I received this via a PR package so I’m going to have to check with them to see where we can buy these in Australia.

Anyway, Frank Body is still the perfect last minute Christmas Gift. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love this stuff. It’s good for your skin, it’s fun to use and the packaging looks so beautiful.

You can pick up Frank Body at MECCA, in-store too!



Circa Home Raspberry and Rhubarb Classic Candle

This beautiful Christmas Candle is a Limited Edition natural soy wax candle, meaning you need to get your festive hands on it asap! I will have this burning all throughout December and well into January. I love having a smell to associate with a certain time and I think this is the perfect scent to accompany time with family and friends. Honestly, the rhubarb surprised me! I had no idea it could smell so strong. I’d definitely pop it in a bigger room, it can be overpowering in a wonderful way.


Top notes: Green/Fruity, Citronella, Lime
Middle: Raspberry, Berry, Rhubarb
Base notes: Musky, Raspberry, Cream

The Circa Home candles are handmade in Australia too! I just adore the two wicks and the classic glass jar. It’s lightly sprinkled with a dotted Christmas print - So sweet!

Shop the Christmas collection here


Silk Only Lavender Silk Eye Mask


This is a beautiful gift that’s a little bit luxe and you know it’ll get used! I would love to gift this to any of my girlfriends or family members this year. Lavender always calms me, the scent isn’t overpowering at all and the mask is so soft that I can wear it with eyelash extensions. I have a lavender spray that I use on my pillows before bed and this is going to replace that if I don’t gift it this year.

Ps. Silk Only has a 50% off sale on right now too!

Click here to see their Australian Stockists.



Lush Christmas Gifts

Ranging from $19.95 - $385.00 (there’s a few HUGE ones!)

Quite literally every single Christmas, someone receives one of these Lush Gift Boxes from me. Every single Christmas, I also wish that someone will gift me one of these boxes too. They’re wonderfully useful. I always know it’s going to be relaxing for the receiver especially if there’s bath bombs inside!

It’s also a great way to introduce someone to natural beauty and skincare or just something new entirely! You’re pretty much giving a self care pack with one of these boxes. They’ll have to take a moment to enjoy the bath bomb, use a face mask or enjoy one of the natural perfumes or creams.

Ps. The $385.00 Gift Box is on my wish list.

The two boxes I’ve purchased this year are Fireworks Limited Edition ($29.95) and Sparkle Limited Edition ($33.50).



Typo Cards

I always go to Typo for my Christmas cards! I seriously can’t find better ones anywhere else.

They always have a huge card stand in-store to choose from. I was prepared this year and bought them discounted in their Black Friday sales! Another great idea for cards would be to purchase them on Etsy and support an artist creating something handmade. I hope you like my card selections! There aren’t many of the Christmas cards available online to check out but definitely go in-store! I love Typo, I always find good little gifts for my cousins or friends kids. I got my boss his Christmas present there last year too! Check out the other cards online here.

Please note that if you’re ordering online, your order definitely won’t arrive in time for Christmas! I tried to select a bunch of things you can pop in store today or tomorrow and pick up.

*Items gifted: Nude by Nature, Frank Body Kit, Silk Only Lavender Mask.