The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2018


Christmas gift guide for her

December had finally come back around again and we’re scrambling to get our lives sorted before the festivities begin all the while excited for work to break for the year.

If you're like me and you love getting someone the gift that they’ll love… but sometimes you’re busy and can’t troll through the shopping centre this week, or even if you’re not sure of what to get for that special someone. Honestly, I’m gonna call it right now. I’ve saved your butt this year with this huge gift guide. I feel like there’s something here for so many different interests, personal likes or even to discover something new! I’ve collected these over the last few months in preparation for gifting season.

Be quick though if you’re ordering online, you’ve got about two weeks until D day. Get the express shipping! If you’re getting presents for someone you’re seeing after Christmas day, don’t stress it.

(Yes, if you’re my friend, you’ll probably find one of these underneath your Christmas tree this year hehe).




Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly / $49.00

The aim of this cute hydrating jelly is to protect your skin from daily damage that’s caused by pollution. It’s the third step in one of their Skin Care Systems but I’ve used it on its own for a little while and I think it’s still effective. The formula is hydrating, using the Clean Shield Technology™ to keep moisture in and all the bad stuff off your skin.

  • Contains Hyaluronic acid

  • Lightweight

  • Oil-free moisturising gel

  • No residue

  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, fragrance.

It’s available at Mecca and Clinique


Ella Bache
Discovery Gift Set / $39.00

Lait Enrichi Requin 50mL

This cleansing milk can be used morning and night to remove makeup and any dirt from your skin. This product also claims to restore and maintain the skin’s natural pH and moisture level

Strengthening Serum 15mL

I love a good serum! This helped reduce a lot of dryness around my jawline because I have combination skin I always get dry there! It felt soothing to apply and it absorbed quickly.
Good for: Reducing inflammation, irritation, rosacea, hormonal acne and couperose. Can help with psoriasis and dermatitis.

Crème Jojoba 20mL

I only used a small amount of this on my skin, I didn’t want to overload it! My skin felt soft and supple after using this, I used the other two products first and then the jojoba creme afterwards. Jojoba is good for your skin health or infections and has some benefits from vitamin B and E. (Do not use on rosacea)


Alya Skin Australian Pink Clay Mask / $49.99

I’ve seen a little bit about this pink clay mask and I was so excited to try it for myself! Kaolin clay is supposed to be amazing as purifying your skin from toxins and pollution, so many brands are pollution-focused lately! After a minute or two, my skin starts to feel tight but the mask doesn’t harden for a little while.

I was mostly interested in using this for the pigmentation benefits but I don’t think I’ve been using it for long enough to see that just yet. I am excited to see how it works its magic on texture and whether it can help to regenerate my skin. I did find that it tightened my pores but I’m not so sure on the ‘pimple healing’ just yet.

Bonus: Smells like Turkish delight. This is a good gift for a friend who loves skincare and face masks!


Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray / $7 - $10

The long name you’ll find this cult spray goes by is actually ‘Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater’. I don’t mind using this for a little bit of hydration but it's not a cult product for me. I know so many people who have wanted to try this so I thought I’d pop it on the list if you know someone who loves trying new brands and products, or just needs something super easy to spray on before or after makeup! Think of it as a natural kind of setting spray?

Available at MECCA ($10) or the Mario Badescu website ($7).


Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Happy Hour Gift Pack $33.00 at Sephora

This cleanser and moisturiser are used together for hydrated and soft skin. I have been loving products with hyaluronic acid recently, you can actually see the difference they make!

The Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser is a fragrance-free cream. I’ve used this to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

The Water Drench Cloud Cream Moisturiser is made up of a concentrated 30% Hyaluronic Acid! As soon as I read this I knew I had to use it. My skin still felt hydrated even after I’d initially used it. If you keep your skin hydrated, it looks plump and healthy but you have to be drinking water as well as using the right products for you! Using Hyaluronic acid will hold the water in your skin and can lessen the overall look of fine lines and wrinkles. Bottom line, I love this.


La Mer The Eye Concentrate / $295.00

MECCA / Sephora (US Site) / La Mer Website

Yep, this one is a treat yo self gift or if your mate/family member is OBSESSED with skincare they’ll appreciate this entirely. It is one of the pricier products I’ve used but oh my goodness, I love it. When I use this, it honestly feels like I’ve got my life together.

I first got my hands on this eye concentrate in November last year and I still have my little tub, oops! I only use the smallest amount on the silver applicator every second or third night and it’s so lovely to wear. You can literally feel how dense, potent and luxurious the product is, from the perfection of the silky formula to the scent. I found that this helps me personally with any dark circles. I pop this on if I’m going to bed later than usual or if I’ve had a busy few days!

This product contains the Miracle Broth Sea Kelp that La Mer is so well known for. This means that this product contains healing properties

Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.


Real U Control, Hydrate and Cleanse Pack

So this is super interesting and it’s probably something you’d want to get if you already know someone's skin quite well or just ask them what their skin type is!

There are different products suited for different skin types and you can create your own pack. I’ve only just started using this so I don’t have a whole heap to report back at the moment except that my skin feels good. I haven’t had any breakouts from using these. I guess they’re more of a specific present, maybe this is just a good recommendation if you know someone who’s looking to start a skincare routine!



Alien by Mugler

I’ve already reviewed one of the Mugler Alien fragrances and I have the second review on the way! Click here to read the Mugler Alien Flora Futura EDT review (The pink bottle) and the purple bottle is the Mugler Alien refillable bottle. They’re a unique bottle and both are beautiful sweet statement scents. I always love receiving perfume as a gift, I normally end up wearing it for that season and the scent forever reminds me of that specific summer. I think it’s always a thoughtful (and useful) gift.

Alien EDP by Mugler / $112.00 - $190.00

Alien Flora Futura EDT / $119.00

(AfterPay available)


Aura EDP Refillable by Mugler / $99 - $179.00

(AfterPay available)

Lately, the Mugler fragrances have been all about embracing femininity and Aura revolves around the same concept. Created with fresh, botanical ingredients and vibrant, sweet Tiger Liana, the scent is often described as sweet sugared almond notes. Yep, sounds cute already.

The bottle is amazing, yet again. Mugler always gets this right. It’s a slight heart shape, while the colour reminds me of a precious emerald stone.

You’ll find a full review of this up on the beauty section soon!


Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder / $98.00 - $180.00

(AfterPay available)

This perfume was released mid-2018 and it’s essentially a giant floral bouquet.  

With notes of Orange Flower, Gardenia and Tuberose, it’s extremely floral and can be a little overwhelming as it’s a very rich scent. It does soften after the initial application and it wears very well throughout the day, I love this as a summers day perfume!

Other notes: Lychee, Rose Petals and Mimosa

This is another fragrance you’ll find a full review here very soon.

Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo / $80.00 - $167.00

(AfterPay available)

A new scent for the Signorina woman, this is a little more daring and richer than the previous SF fragrances I’ve tried. I like to think of Misteriosa as the nighttime version. Notes of Orange blossom and Tuberose with Patchouli, black vanilla mousse combined with blackberries and neroli. This is the kind of scent I’d expect a boyfriend to buy for his girlfriend, night time scents are often created to be a little sensual so maybe not quite appropriate to gift to your boss!

Or the gift pack is available for $122.00


Wonderlust by Michael Kors / $125.00 - $155.00

(AfterPay available)

I adore this scent! I used it in Spring and now it’ll forever remind me of those few months. It’s a very floral scent with Italian Bergamot and Pink Pepper notes, a little bit different to everything else I own! I don't smell spicy though, I’ve read that the sweetness comes from the Almond Milk included in the formula.

The story of the scent is about escape, discovery and of course, femininity. Maybe a good present idea for someone planning a Summer getaway to Europe next year.

Available at MYER

Or available at Priceline for $79.00 - Maybe check in store because it’s sold out online.


Eau De Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford / $185.00

(AfterPay available)

As a new take on the 2016 Soleil Blanc fragrance, this one is sweet, crisp and a little bit like vanilla. I feel like this scent is a good choice for everyone but it is a little steeper price wise!

Notes: Orange Peel, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn and Pistachio.



Le Tan Uber Glow Tanning Range / $14.99 - $24.99

I love these products! I use them every week and I always end up with a super dark, streak free tan. I honestly don’t know what I did before I used these. These tans have Macadamia Oil to keep your skin hydrated, ultimately leading to a longer lasting tan. We all hate it when the tan cracks on dry skin! I often tan on a Thursday night and then by the following Wednesday I still have it on! I like to exfoliate on this day because it does wear off after a week on the insides of my arms and around my ankles. You could probably do a coat over it but I like to apply a fresh coat on a Thursday night again. The Liquid Self Tanning Drops have been amazing for using on my face too, I mix it in with a moisturiser and then I’m glowing the next day.

The Foam Violet base is my favourite! For my fair skin, it creates a natural looking tan. The Green base is definitely a warmer tan.

I have used the Uber Dark tans by Le Tan recently and they’re really good too! See the blog post here.

Le Tan Application Mitts / $9.99

If you’re getting the tan, you’ve got to get a mitt too! I find these mitts don’t shed and they’re long lasting too.

Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun Pack / $9.90 - $49.00

(Zippay available)

I’m all about a false tan that’s hydrating for my skin and the Ella Bache tans have been lovely to use so far! I’m still in the early days of testing these out. They’re not as dark as the Uber Glow range from Le Tan but they’re definitely more of a ‘Just returned from holiday’ glow. With Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Jojoba, your skin will love you for using these.


Milk Hand Quench Cream / $17.95

This one is a sweet little stocking stuffer!  With Cocoa Butter and Sesame Oil, this moisturiser absorbs quickly and feels so smooth on the skin. I used one last year and I became seriously obsessed. I love finding a good hand cream, it makes all the difference to the appearance of your hands.


Luma Crushed Pearl Facial Polish / $26.21 - $34.95

This is something I didn’t know I needed until I had it. It’s essentially a crushed pearl exfoliator and it is SO gentle on my skin. I hate using abrasive products and I think this one gets it just right, it only feels slightly gritty. It’s important to increase the blood flow to your face to support your new skin cells while also carefully removing the dead or flaking skin. My skin always feels soft after using it and the pearliness always makes for a nice glow. * Fragrance-free

Available at Luma $34.95

Or available at Priceline for $26.21


L’Occitane Creme Mains Dry Skin Hand Cream / $45.00

There isn’t much to say about this one except that it’s amazing. The Shea Butter works so well on my skin and I always think my hands look and feel better after I’ve used it. It’s a sweet little luxury gift you can give that isn’t crazy expensive. I had a look on their website just recently and L’Occitane does so many amazing gift ideas!

Shop L’Occitane Christmas Gifts



Aveda - A Gift of Invigoration Moments Pack / $59.00

This pack contains the Rosemary Mint Body Polish and Rosemary Mint Composition Oil, an aromatic gift idea. The peppermint and rosemary smell amazing together. Massage the body polish in the shower and rinse like an exfoliator. You can use the oil out of the shower, I’ve used it in the bath to make the most of it! Be careful getting out the bath after using an oil though.

This is probably a good gift idea for someone who needs to relax and take some time for themselves, maybe a nice gift for that stressed person in your life!

Aveda also has a 12 Days of Christmas Promo running too.

de lorenzo.jpeg

De Lorenzo Thermal Range Heat Protectant Range

I’ve reviewed the thermal range recently in a blog post here. If you know someone who’s constantly styling their hair, this is going to be a gift from the gods for them. I love how all of the products match like a set, it looks so much more like a gift!

See the website for more info on the products here.


Original Mineral O&M

I’ve recently discovered this brand when they popped in my inbox. I was so surprised to find a hair care company that formulates products without so many nasties! You won't find Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Sulfates, M.I.T., Parabens or Triclosan in their products. In turn, they’re better for your skin, scalp hair and the environment. They’re designed to prevent your colour from fading and to provide UV protection. I’d suggest this as a gift for anyone who loves their hair, or might need to give it some TLC… A subtle hint.

Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque / $35.15 (Rated 5 stars)

The intense moisturising ingredients, Macadamia Seed Oil and cold-pressed Argan Oil, this hair mask works wonders for rehabilitating dry and brittle hair. I use it once every two weeks on my own hair. Smells like vanilla!

Hydrate and Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner / $32.95

I love using this on my hair! It always feels so well-washed afterwards. I can stretch my hair out to 4 days without washing while I’m using this combo. It’s great for coloured hair and contains Tasmanian Sea Kelp for hydration while also providing vitamins A, B, C and E for your hair. They’re proven to strengthen your hair and stimulate growth, I think I need to use it a little longer to let you know how that goes!

Frizzy Logic Finishing Shine Spray / $35.15

So this one technically isn’t shower related, but you’ll use it on your hair after the shower! It also contains Argan and Macadamia Oil, giving your hair a shine while protecting it from humidity. I love to use this whenever my hair is feeling a little dry on the ends.

Shop O&M at RY.Beauty in Australia


Kevin Murphy Angel Body Gift Pack / $78.90

Contains: Angel.Wash (shampoo), Angel.Rinse (conditioner), Body.Mass.

This bundle is perfect for fine hair, I’ve been using it for over a year! This specific bundle is for keeping fine hair looking weightless and to help with volume. The Body.Mass treatment uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to make my hair appear thicker, yes please!

I haven’t tried many of the other Kevin Murphy products because these work perfectly for my hair type, but have a look at the Adore Beauty website to see what other hair types they cater for!

Available at BoBlonde Hairdressing in East Fremantle or Dalkeith

Or available online at Adore Beauty.


Klorane Ylang Ylang Shampoo, Conditioner and Protective Oil.

My favorite summer hair care routine is these three! It works so well with my blonde coloured hair to protect it from any sun damage or drying. You’ll have seen these all over my Instagram feed already. It’s super gentle on hair and great for removing salt, chlorine or any sunscreen from your hair too. The Ylang-Ylang Wax is included in the formulas as a protectant while nourishing your hair with plant-based Keratin and of course, it’s got our favourite - Shea Butter!

Free from parabens, silicones, MIT and SLS.

Find more info on the Ylang Ylang range here.


Frank Body

Honestly, if you gift anyone anything from Frank Body this season, they’ll be your best friend instantly.

Original Coffee Scrub / $16.95

The Original. If you haven’t used this, you need to gift yourself one of these for Christmas. It’s a coffee exfoliator that you can use on your whole body, I reccomend in the shower! You’ll love the soft skin afterwards. Contains robusta coffee beans, cold-pressed sweet almond oil (for hydration!), Vitamin E and sea salt.

Creamy Face Scrub / $21.95

I’m so happy that Frank brought this out, as I said before - I don’t like stuff on my face hat’s too abrasive! This creamy exfoliator is especially made to use on your face. It’s great for blood flow and removing any dead skin to encourage skin regeneration and bring up the new layer of skin underneath. This contains rosehip, almond and grapeseed oils.

Glow Mask / $21.95

Use this once or twice a week for 5 minutes for that glow! It applies really smooth and soothing and it’s worked so well on days where I’m feeling a bit puffy. I normally save it for a day where I feel a bit bleugh rather than use it routinely every Monday or something. Includes goji berry extract, sea and cocoa butter, vitamin E and A,  Arabic coffee seed oil, raspberry seed oil, and a bunch of Omegas.


New Moon Blends, Rose Yo Self / $18.00

The most relaxing Epsom bath salt with a combination of rose petals, geranium and rose oil.

I love adding this to my bath with some candles and a good book. Plus it looks so cute in the reusable glass bottle.

Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, Dead sea salt, Epsom Salt, Organic rose petals, Rose geranium essential oil.


MOR Gift Packs

MOR does so many gorgeous gift packs for Christmas! I have one from last year but there are so many cute ones available for this year. If you’re looking for the ones I’ve been loving, here is the product list below:

Nourishing Marshmallow Shower Oil $34.95

Marshmallow Shower Cap $24.95

Moisturising Marshmallow Shampoo and Conditioner $19.95 each

Vienna Cosmetic Clutch $39.95

Still looking for that perfect present? Sometimes I shop on Catch to get a good deal and a huge range of ideas! Be wary though, make sure you search for the products elsewhere before purchasing through Catch. Sometimes their ‘deals’ are just the normal price somewhere else!

This is not sponsored or affiliated, just an idea if you’re still looking!

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